Waterproofer for canvas covers

Yes there is a good reliable water proofing treatment for canvas horse covers

We are a distributor for Rain-out (ingredients are paraffin wax and kerosene). It comes in 5 litre containers.

The  very reasonable cost is available on request just contact us.


  • Make sure your cover is really clean, preferably washed in a washing machine.
    (The reason is that dirt particles can act as a conduit for water to seep in).
  • Brush the Rain out on (shake it up and warm it up if necessary in a bucket of hot water)
  • Let it dry over a few hours
  • Use a heat gun set to about 100 – 120 degrees Celsius or an old hair dryer to melt the Rain-Out into the canvas
  • Let it set then you are good to go

If this seems like a lot of hard work – you are right it is but it is worth it to keep those precious critters dry and warm –

But as an alternative to doing it yourself Abercothiequestrian offer a horse cover wash/waterproof service as an alternative at a reasonable cost for you.




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